October 30, 1999
And the rehearsal process is going along very well. We've already run the show twice off book, we run it again tomorrow twice on the set before our next day off (Sunday) and then we add lights and costumes (which will be difficult given the huge costume requirements for this show). Not that things havn't been difficult - the Choreographer and the Technical director are still trying to find the right substance to keep the dancers from slipping on the special floor - the usual solutions found in America aren't found here and there is, of course, a language barrier between the Italian Technical Director, the American Creative team and the German store owners).
This week has been mostly a blur of rehearsals, wonderful restaurants and then a little wine or german beer before sleep to repeat again the next day. I did get out yesterday and took some pictures, which I'll be sending along as we go. Living in this town really does feel like living in a postcard.
Last night, Half of the cast ended up going to "the pancake house" (a bastardized American translation) in the center of town, which was built in 1500. (This is the little building on the right) The ceilings were so low that even I had to stoop to walk around to avoid hitting any of the beams. The food (which was one of the first times I'd eaten anything particularly "German" for dinner - Even the germans seem to prefer Italian food to their national cuisine). Our first surprise of the evening was that the beer there was served by the Liter - the mugs were the size of our heads. I ended up splitting a pancake with ham, tomatos, cheese & onions with Brad, the music director, and then for desert we both split a pancake that had been soaked in Grand Mariner and drizzled with vanilla creme sauce. This was really food to die for.
After we ate, walking out of the restaurant, we heard what sounded like music playing, but we couldn't quite tell the source - just angelic voices singing. The back of the church butted up against the restaurant, but because of the reconstruction on the back end of the church it was hard to tell, especially since the sides of the little square were echoing the voices back at us. Walking around to the other side of the square, the voices were clearer and we realized that they were indeed coming from the church - and since the doors were locked that it must have simply been choir rehearsal. However, with a full moon and the crisp air, all stood still for a few moments to listen.
That's all for now!